About Me

As far back as she can remember, Keaton has been fascinated by sound. She is an audio engineer with experience in studio engineering, live sound, production and mixing as well as a musician and songwriter with a background in classical cello.

Keaton eventually found her passion for audio engineering and sound production at the Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana. There she had the opportunity to work and collaborate with accomplished musicians, engineers, performers and composers on a variety of projects, while continuing to play cello in the Jacob’s orchestras and various other ensembles.

Keaton has experience recording a number of different genres, including jazz, orchestral, opera, chamber music and a variety of solo instrumentalists. She has also recorded contemporary bands in a number of locations, varying from forgotten rehearsal spaces and basements to professional recording studios and has a passion for exploring unconventional methods of getting great sounds.

Since graduating Keaton has had the privilege of working as an intern at several studios, including Sputnik Sound in Nashville, Russian Recording in Bloomington and Shangri-La and Nitrosonic studios. She has run live sound at a wide variety of venues in Detroit, ranging from speakeasy jazz clubs to downtown party venues. 

In addition to her zeal for recording, Keaton takes a leading role in several bands, musical projects and collectives. She is a passionate songwriter, musician and performer currently fronting multiple musical projects, spanning from drumming and singing in a country band to playing guitar in a rock band to filling in on cello with jazz and indie groups.

Don’t put baby in a corner though. Keaton is more than just a music-nut. In high school she began her love affair with the art of video through a creative arts internship at the University of Kentucky. From there she became enraptured with combining sound and visuals to tell stories. She learned to direct, shoot, edit and animate everything from promotional videos for companies to music videos for a variety of genres of music.   

Regardless of where her creative careers may take her Keaton is confident that she will never run out of energy to explore new ideas and enthusiasm to push the boundaries of music and art.